Game trailer for Nonoi the Kākāpō: Gravity Puzzles

Game Description

Enjoy solving ball puzzles and watch them come to life.

Play and learn about Newton’s Third Law of Motion. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Watch how balls collide and move in opposite direction.

Learn about the law of gravity. What goes up must come down. Use your reflexes and brain power to keep the balls above ground and reach for the stars.

Tilt your device and let gravity do its work.

Control one, two or three balls simultaneously and defy gravity. Obstacles are added in the game as an added challenge. Have fun playing with different landscapes.

So, how well can you control the balls and avoid obstacles with different terrain ? Play with family and friends and show them your highest scores.


The client was a conservation group that wanted to create a game for preschool age age children to help them learn about physics, solve picture puzzles and conservation about Kākāpō. It was a follow up to another preschool or Kindy game featuring Nonoi the Kākāpō.

Who are the users?

  • Preschool age children who are still unable to read and like bright and cheerful colours for their stimulation
  • Parents of preschool age children who would want educational mobile games for their children

Project Goals

To create a child-friendly game for preschool age children, to help them learn about Kākāpō and simple physics so that they can be entertained and educated at the same time.

What I did in the Design

  • Designed the UI
  • Illustrated backgrounds, buttons and 2D game elements.
  • Used bright and colourful, easy to recognise icons that users can understand without being required to read
  • Simple controls and user flow

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