I designed, collated and edited the quarterly eNewsletter (EDM) to 560 subscribers on MailChimp

Why redesign the old eNewsletter?

  • The old eNewsletter came out sporadically when there were new internal changes.
  • Subscribers never knew when to expect the next issue.
  • There was no colour scheme and design elements did not connect with the the content.
  • The open rate was 33.7% for 2018.

Project Goals

  • Consistency in design and publication scheduling
  • Inviting and cheerful colours and design
  • More relevant and helpful content written by workers to build ownership
  • Mobile optimisation

What I did in the new eNewsletter

  • Sent the eNewsletter consistently in January, April, July and October
  • Used a colour scheme of bright, inviting colours
  • Planned a theme for the content of each issue
  • Linked longer articles to our website to drive users
  • Used CSS to overlay titles over header images to create a more ‘print’ look
  • Used more photos to create interest
  • Achieved an average open rate of 45.75% over the last year out of 560 subscribers

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