Why redesign the old website?

  • Confusing navigation menu: Users were complaining they couldn’t find information they were looking for, the donation page did not stand out from the menu
  • Colours were dull and uninviting, and design looked dated
  • Website was not mobile friendly
  • Not SSL compliant

Who are the users?

  • Long time supporters and donors who are mainly in their 50s and over, are Christians and have a personal relationship with one or more of the staff.
  • Non faith-based Trusts and Government grant managers, who decide to award funds to NPOs based on the work they do in the community.
  • Students and Graduates (alumni).

‘Competitor’ Analysis

I studied the websites of TSCF, Navigators.org and Friends International, which are other organisations that minister to either local University Students or International Students in their respective countries. I focused my research on User Interface elements and User Experience Flows – including the About page and Donation page.

Project Goals

  • Improve accessibility for users, with clear information architecture that users would expect
  • Inviting and cheerful colours and design
  • Provide a good overview what ISMNZ is and what it does
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Improve SEO and SSL compliance

What I did in the New Design

  • Installed the new SSL certificate to support HTTPS to make it more secure and Search Engine friendly.
  • Moved the website from Weebly to Wix.
  • Re-designed the website UI and make it mobile friendly, especially for mobile devices (mainly for Android and iOS devices).
  • Implemented multilingual feature for improving the the international students User Experience. This is a huge plus for an organisation that works with international students and their guardians.
  • Donation button is prominent, and donation instructions are clear, and all information that admin manager needs to send out donation receipts are compiled.
  • Reorganised the navigation menu and information architecture so that the website is more user friendly and intuitive.
  • Created a members page to store members-only legacy documents

What it looks like now

  • New redesigned ISMNZ website


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